You’ve Hired a Fast Painter… Now What?

3 Jul

The Pink Flamingos

One of the best ways to boost your brand, deliver your company’s message clearly or even express your organization’s mission is through the use of live art performance painting or fast/speed painting.

One of our amazing acts is called Art Explosion, where the outstanding Michael Ostaski paints huge, elaborate paintings in less than 7 minutes. Now that you’ve hired Michael (or another fast painter) for your next event, the incomparable Lisa DeWolf shares with us her inside tips on how to make yours the most successful event it can be.

Use your fast painter to the best of their abilities.

Lisa says that the first thing to consider is how can you creatively use your newly hired speed painter. Consider the event that the painter is performing at – is it an award ceremony? Instead of simply announcing who the winner of the big sales competition is, have your speed painter…

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Thinking of Hiring a Speed Painter? Check Out These Tips

3 Jul

The Pink Flamingos

Speed painting – what a fantastic performance art. It really is one of the most versatile corporate entertainment acts available today. So, you’ve decided to hire yourself a speed painter for your next corporate event? Good Choice! Before you rush into hiring the first speed painter you find, here’s some advice from our show designer, Lisa DeWolf, to help you pick the best painter to meet your needs.

First and foremost, make sure you like their work!

Reputable speed painters will have a portfolio of work that they’ve done live in the average speed-painter’s time frame (6-10 minutes). And, more often than not, you can easily view their work online. So, view it! Make sure that you like the caliber of their work – what you see is a good indication of what you’ll get in a live performance.

Consider your budget, of course!

Prices for speed painters range very…

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