New & Totally Different


The Only Show of its Kind in the World!


Highly Visual and Creative Adding the “WOW” factor every time.

General Sessions  Open your general session with the energy and power of Art.

Fundraisers  Provides a unique way to raise money for your special event.
Imagine an Entertainment Act that Creates a Product for YOU to Benefit from! Auction it right then, gift it, or raffle it- the proceeds are YOURS!

Reveal Award Winners Raise the Energy within the Program! During Awards Presentations it can be utilized in various “easy to use” ways to direct attention where you want it.

Honor a VIP In a very personal and memorable way. Artist Michael Ostaski has the talent to paint anyone or anything you wish to honor and celebrate… All Larger than Life…6’x7’… in approximately 7 minutes!
Instead of simply announcing their name, call Ostaski to the stage to paint a portrait of your top award winner!

Product Launch The perfect creative solution for a totally unique product launch.

Sporting Events At sporting events and sports banquets…Yao Ming, Reggie Miller, and Michael Jordan are a few of the athletes that Ostaski has honored.


One Response to “About”

  1. Nicole Bengtsson August 21, 2014 at 12:31 am #


    I am an event planner and looking to hire a speed painter for a reception at the Encore on Tuesday, Feb 3 from 6;30-9;30. Let me know your availability and pricing.

    Best regards,


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